Statement of Purpose

SAFA: Statement of Purpose

SAFA Cumbria is committed to making a positive difference to the lives of people who self-harm and those who support them.

This will be achieved by provision of counselling and effective support, and working to eliminate the stigma and discrimination associated with self-harm.


We aim to protect and preserve the health and relieve the needs of people in Cumbria who self-harm or are affected by others that self-harm. We do this by:

  1. Providing free, professionally qualified counselling to young people and adults who self-harm or have an eating disorder, working in accordance with the British Association of Counselling Professionals (BACP) ethical framework for good practice in counselling.
  2. Providing a local information and support service.
  3. Increasing awareness and understanding of self-harm and to dispel the myths surrounding it by providing training and advice to groups, organisations and professionals.
  4. Cooperating with statutory, voluntary and private sector agencies in order to give individuals choice about access to the various services available locally.

Structure, Governance and Management

The Directors present their report along with the financial statements of the charity at the Annual General Meeting, usually in December. The financial statements have been prepared in accordance with current statutory requirements, the charity’s Memorandum and Articles and the requirements of the Statement of Recommended Practice, Accounting and Reporting by Charities (SORP 2015).


The charity is governed by a board of Directors (aka trustees). These persons are responsible for all decisions regarding the operation of the charity on a day to day basis. A Director can be appointed at the Annual General Meeting by being proposed and seconded by existing Directors and voted upon. Alternatively a Director can be appointed directly by the board as the need arises throughout the year and in accordance with the Charity’s Rules of Governance.

The Board of Directors is comprised of:

  1. Chair
  2. Vice Chair
  3. Treasurer
  4. CEO
  5. Elected and voting board members

The quorum necessary for the transaction of the business of the Board is four (4) members.

Board Recruitment

The charity seeks to recruit board members from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. This ensures a broad spectrum of skills available to the charity for the development and management of policies that will be of benefit to the staff and clients. New members are provided with a range of documentation and an induction into the charity's Aims and Objectives.

The recruitment and induction of Directors is intended to ensure that the appropriate skills are available to the Board of Directors for them to carry out their responsibilities and duties prudently and efficiently. Board members have current or recent backgrounds in education, social work, counselling, health and business, and are in a position to access help and advice from other professionals as and when required.

Risk Management

The Directors regularly review risks to the charity. These are mainly of a financial nature due to the instability of the funding environment which the charity seeks to mitigate by ensuring a wide and diverse funding base. Operational risk through its core activities is minimised by a policy of continual training for staff and adherence to Charity’s policies and procedures by others that may be required to carry out core counselling activities as directed by the Chief Officer.

Appropriate levels of insurance are maintained and adjusted as and when appropriate.

Safeguarding and Confidentiality

Safeguarding our vulnerable clients is at the heart of our operations. All Directors, counsellors and volunteers are fully DBS checked. SAFA has a comprehensive Confidentiality Policy which follows BACP Guidelines, and informs our sharing of information with other Agencies, including the police and statutory services.

Board members monitor and support policy and practice. Safeguarding is a standing item on monthly board meetings.

SAFA Safeguarding Statement

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