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Self Referral Form

In a EMERGENCY please contact your own GP. The Cumbria Health On Call team (CHOC) are also available out of hours on 111. The Samaritans are available 24 hours a day on 116 123.

SAFA is GDPR compliant. Once the below form is submitted to us, the forms data is encrypted and automatically password protected. Only a team member from SAFA can access the data provided.

    Please note we are only able to currently accept referrals from Furness & South Cumbria
    After filling out the Self Referral From below, you will initially be contacted by one of our trained counselors via Email. If you prefer to be contacted another way please specify.

    Financial Contribution

    We are a charity that has no guaranteed income stream and we rely on grants and donations to provide our service.

    Our service is available to anyone regardless of financial situation.

    Our service is no different whether you chose to contribute or access it for free. However if you would like to contribute to the cost of your sessions it would mean we can afford to give more sessions for those who are also in urgent need of support.


    Please consider contributing if you can.

    It costs SAFA a minimum of £60 for a counselling session. 

    Do you want to contribute financially to your counselling sessions?

    Personal Details

    First Name
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    Date of Birth
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    Do you consider yourself to have a disability?
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    Are you currently involved in any legal proceedings?
    Please provide details
    How did you hear about SAFA?

    Self Referral Reason

    What do you see as your method of self-harm?
    For how long have you been doing this?
    Have you self harmed before this current episode?
    Would you want to give us more information on this form?
    Please provide additional information

    Characters Remaining: 500

    GP Details

    Please provide details of your Doctor (if known)

    GP Name
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    Current Support

    Please provide details of your Counsellor/ Worker if applicable

    Do you have a Mental Health Counsellor or Worker?
    Counsellor Contact Details
    Please provide your current support information
    Are you seeing any other Therapist, Psychologist or Psychiatrist?
    Please provide details

    Medical History

    Please provide Medical History if applicable

    Do you have any Medical Problems that we should be aware of?
    Please provide Medical Problem details
    Are you currently taking any medication?
    Please tick the type of medication
    Anti-Psychotics (neuroleptics/major tranquilizers)
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    (minor tranquilizers)

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    Personal Consent

    By submitting this form I accept the information provided will be held by SAFA. This information will be kept confidential, however there are some extreme situations where SAFA may be obliged to share information. Please note that referrals are usually reviewed by a counsellor within two working days (Monday-Friday).
    By ticking this box, I confirm my consent as stated above
    To clear data imputed into this form please press the clear button.

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