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In a emergency, please contact your own GP. The Cumbria Health On Call team (CHOC) are also available out of hours on 111. The Samaritans are available 24 hours a day on 116 123.

*SAFA is GDPR compliant. Once the below form is submitted to us, the forms data is encrypted and automatically password protected. Only a team member from SAFA can access the data provided.

Due to confidentiality, Please make sure when referring you use the correct form, either Self or Professional.

If you are referring through a professional body, you must use this Professional Referral Form. Self referrals please complete below.

After filling out the Self Referral From below, you will initially be contacted by one of our trained counsellors via Email. If you prefer to be contacted another way please specify.

Financial Contribution

Each counselling session has a full cost of £85. We are inviting contributions of £35 per session payable at the beginning of each session which will reduce your waiting list time. If you tick yes we will be in contact with further information. Otherwise you will be added to the normal SAFA waiting list.

Do you want to contribute financially to your counselling sessions in order to reduce your waiting list time?

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Please note that referrals are usually reviewed by a counsellor within two working days (Monday-Friday)

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