Dr Alex George with SAFA on Children In Need

Dr Alex George with SAFA on Children In Need

We, SAFA Cumbria, spent the afternoon with the UK Youth Mental Health Ambassador, Dr Alex George, and the incredible film crew from Dragonfly T.V. to contribute to a mental health documentary featured on Children In Need on BBC One. Talking about the effects of the pandemic on young people’s mental wellbeing and looking at the incredible services that SAFA Cumbria provides. We hope that by contributing to the documentary we are doing our bit to let our young people know we are doing what we can to help them be heard.

Rosie, a young person who accessed our service earlier this year, agreed to share her story and her journey to help raise the awareness of some of the difficulties that young people face today when they are struggling with their mental health and trying to get some help.

Thankyou, Dr Alex George and all the production team for coming to SAFA Cumbria, we are so lucky for the opportunity to showcase our work and have you leading as UK YMH Ambassador. We are honoured to work with such incredible people like Rosey who act as our Ambassador. Together we can do so much more…

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Below is the link to the documentary

Children In Need; Dr Alex George; Our Young Mental Health Crisis


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