Working with Self-Harm in Counselling

One of the keys to understanding self-harm behaviour is to recognise and relate it to ourselves. We can deliver a half or full-day workshop on Working with Self-Harm in Counselling which combines reflection on our professional responses with practical techniques for working with clients who self-harm. The workshop will be delivered by one of SAFA’s experienced counsellors and will involve video, experiential exercises, discussion of case studies and questions and answers. Outcomes: To explore the reasons, methods and feelings that are involved in self-harm and look at our own responses Asking questions and reviewing risk Ways of working with clients who self-harm in a counselling setting Professional and ethical considerations Testimonials

“Well delivered, clearly has expertise in the area. Encouraged exploration and reflection.”

University counselling service staff member

“This has reminded me to use ALL the tools in the box and try one or two I haven’t used, depending on what works for the client.”

Counsellor We can deliver this workshop at your workplace, please contact Helen Mason on 01229 832269 or for a quote.