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“SAFA is committed to making a positive difference to the lives of individuals who self-harm and to those who support them.”

Our dedicated, highly motivated staff team all work within an ethical framework whom are committed to supporting people to make positive changes to their health and well-being.
SAFA is passionate about delivering the highest professional standard of services to its clients within the local community.
Delivering accredited training programs (ABC Awards through the Skills & Education Group) and supporting the community in raising public awareness of Self Harm and Eating disorders.

Donate to SAFA and help provide counselling.

Each time you donate to SAFA you will be helping a person to overcome their self-harming and ultimately, turn their life around.
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Referral Forms

To access SAFA counselling services
a referral form is required.

Self Referral

If you are a individual whom needs to self-refer, follow this link to take you to the referral process.

Professional Referral

If you are a professional practice and have a client to refer, follow this link to the referral process.
If you need to use our counselling services please fill out a Self Referral Form. If a Doctor or Profesional organisation is involved they can use the Profesional Refarral Form.
After filling out the referral you will initially be contacted by one of our trained counsellors via email. If you prefer to be contacted another way please specify on the form.
Each counselling session has a full cost of £85. We are inviting contributions of £35 per session payable at the beginning of each session which will reduce your waiting list time. If you tick yes we will be in contact with further information. Otherwise you will be added to the normal SAFA waiting list.
For any queries please contact us by clicking the link below.
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Sessions & Assessment Figures 2018-2019

The waiting list for counselling with SAFA at the end of August 2019 stood at 353. This number is growing rapidly which indicates the public’s trust in our service for help.

Waiting list
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Upcoming Events

Raise awarness and funds

Suicide prevention videos
created by SAFA`s Lois Graham.

Short films, directed and filmed by Lois Graham, commissioned pieces for SAFA. Lois wanted to create these films in aid to prevent those who are dealing with suicidal thoughts and in memory of those who we have lost to suicide.

You Are Loved?

Thoughts are not facts. You are loved. You have made it through every difficult day you have had so far on this earth and you are still breathing. You are strong. You are more than enough.

What is Love?

Commonly defined as a strong feeling of affection, your eyes dilate, dopamine sets off, a feeling of euphoria. This short is an exploration into the feeling of love & what it means to the author. Light-hearted, fun and a creative visionary from a female adults look on love and another perspective to contrast. Self-love, the love of others & thought provoking, feel good 10 minute short.
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

1 800 273 8255

Barrow in Furness

Become a SAFA volunteer

Skills-based volunteers make a difference
we will give you a complete training program at SAFA.