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About S.A.F.A.

SAFA is a team of qualified staff committed to making a positive difference to the lives of individuals who self harm and to those who support them.

Our primary goal is to empower the individual to take responsibility for their own lives by offering counselling and trusting support.

We seek to eliminate the stigma and discrimination associated with the self harm by creating greater awareness through training and education.

A large part of SAFA's work is providing training to professionals and other organisations to help raise awareness, understanding, confidence and skills in others who support people who self-harm: spreading the message of understanding and acceptance, which our clients feel makes such a difference to their lives.


SAFA's services:

Offer some immediacy in supporting people who are in distress

Fill a gap in local health services

Offer people choices about the type of support they receive

Do not have the stigma often associated with local mental health services

SAFA was established in 2006 after the need for a self-harm support organisation in the Furness area was identified.

SAFA was founded as a result of the past, personal experiences of Cindy Daltioni.

SAFA is run by an executive board which includes several directors.

SAFA is a company limited by guarantee (No. 6344630) and a registered charity (No. 1121122)

SAFA moved to its current premises at Heron House in June 2012.