WHEN do people self-harm?
  • It`s easier to cope with a physical pain than their emotional discomfort i.e as a coping mechanism.
  • To release unbearable feelings of anxiety, grief and/ or anger.
  • They need to relieve feelings of shame or guilt.
  • They are trying to tell others they need help.
  • They want to feel alive.
  • They are feeling confused and over whelmed

Note: This is not a fully comprehensive list, can you think of other ways?



You are not alone.

There is always hope!




Self-harm is often used as a coping strategy so stopping or reducing is not a short-term solution. Therefore new coping strategies need to be learned to provide individuals with healthier ways ahead! SAFA offers a complete package tailored to individual needs. Contact us by phone or email for more information from our contact page.


main logoSAFA is committed to making a positive difference to the lives of individuals who self-harm and alsoto those people who support them. Our primary goal is to empower the individual to take responsibility for their own lives by offering counseling and trusting support

Also we seek to eliminate the stigma and discrimination associated with self-harm by creating greater awareness through training and education.